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Tips On How And Where To Enjoy Florida Holidays

The first thing that pops into the head of people when they hear “Florida” is “Disney World”.

Orlando is ranked as the fourth most popular United States destination for overseas visitors. The weather in this beautiful state is normally as beautiful as the sands and seas of its glorious beaches. Their winters are mild, helping the state to earn its reputation as the “Sunshine State”. If climate is paramount to you on a holiday, this is the place to set our sights. Orlando holidays offer visitors such a wide range of attractions that finding enough time to visit all of them can be difficult. It is almost guaranteed that you will leave Florida yearning for another chance to visit some of the brilliant areas this State has to offer. Therefore, you will need to consider planning very carefully when thinking of taking a holiday here. It is important to remember that there is more to Orlando than the theme parks, although these are a major attraction. The region is also a top-notch destination for people who love golf and has eight major malls for shopping, providing visitors with everything they could ever want: from delicious cuisines to designer clothes. For those interested in taking a holiday in this beautiful region it is worth knowing that the holiday packages in Orlando are available in five broad categories all with their own benefits that will make your visit worthwhile. The first place that families think about staying is the Walt Disney World Resort offering those with small children the chance to enjoy this American paradise in style with a variety of hotels that you can choose from, offering a wide variety of choice.

The second area is the Kissimmee, which is beautiful and has great value. It is also easy to walk around. The area also has a lot of restaurants and bars which are perfect for couples or older families enjoying their holidays. 2012 could therefore be the perfect time for travellers to embrace   multi centre holidays. These are readily available across regions such as Florida and are a great way to get a range of experiences allowing you to combine many different destinations in a single holiday. They can also be found in slightly smaller versions, known as twin centre holidays. You can also opt for the universal Orlando resort that is known for its state-of-the-art theme parks and on-site entertainment. The lake Buena Vista is a very attractive green landscape, located next to the Walt Disney World Resort where there are full suites and hotels for you to enjoy. Another important tip to consider is the booking of your holiday. If you are going to Orlando for your holiday then you should ensure that you book your accommodation in advance. If you find that the hotels will not have enough places for your party then there are exclusive and private villas/houses that you can hire out instead. The good thing about this is that it encourages privacy. You should also make sure you set a budget that is realistic and viable for you. Depending on how much you are willing to spend, there are hotels to suit everyone and cheap Florida holidays are readily available.

Not sure what to see in Miami? White beaches and beautiful embankments, luxurious villas and unusual art galleries, sparkling skyscrapers and stunning wildlife we have selected for you the 9 best places to visit!

1 South Beach Beaches and Ocean Drive Quay South Beach is probably the most popular beach in the state. Most likely, you have already seen it on the covers of magazines, postcards and on TV. It is full of gay men, nudists, rescuers bashing out their hips and simply tanned beauties in a bikini. In the evening, a luxurious sandy beach with an embankment covered with bars and restaurants turns into the heart of Miami’s nightlife.

2 Miami Zoo One of the best places for children in the city is the Miami Zoo. In the park, spread over 74 hectares of land, there are more than 2000 animals of 500 different species from different parts of the world. One of the favorite activities of visitors is to feed the giraffes.

Cost: 16-20$

3 Wiscaia Villa The villa was built in 1914-1916 and reminds one of the houses of the Italian Renaissance nobility. The building has about 70 rooms and many art objects. Initially it served as the winter residence of the industrialist James Dering, now the museum and the botanical garden are located on the territory.

Cost: 10-18$

  1. Marky’s Gourmet store Best place to get specialty foods. It has the most amazing variety of wine, truffles, caviar, tea, cheese etc. In the second section of the store you will find a wide variety of Russian and European foods that are absolutely amazing!

Cost: visit site

5.Suspended monorail Metromuver This road is not only a means of transportation, but also a popular attraction from where you can enjoy the city’s landscapes. Two small trailers carry passengers at a height of several tens of meters above the road, bypassing all sorts of traffic jams and overcoming a distance of 40 km through an impressive viaduct.

Cost: Free

6 Bayside Market Bayside is one of the best places for shopping in Miami. It is always noisy and full of life. Almost every corner has small shops, souvenir shops, small cafes and restaurants. It becomes especially good after dark when hundreds of lights and lights are lit, which are reflected in the water.

Cost: how much you spend

7 Bayfront park Bayfront Park is located in the heart of downtown Miami. This is such a small green oasis with fountains, sculptures and miniature boat harbors among the city skyscrapers. On the dock at the park, you can take a boat and go for a walk around Biscayne Bay.

Cost: Free

8.Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral After watching the sights of Miami, we recommend to go to the space center at Cape Canaveral. It is 3.5 hours drive from the city. There are several museums, as well as various excursions. Launch pad, reconstructed Saturn V starter, Apollo capsule and much more interesting are waiting for you.

Cost: 40-75$

9 Everglades National Park Everglades Park covers an area of ​​over 6 thousand square kilometers. There alligators and other wild animals live and breed under natural conditions. Another interesting fact: next to the road leading to the park, there is a walled town with small houses and temples. It seemed that behind this barbed fence there was a whole small country. Then we realized that this is the territory of the Indians

You can ride a boat with a guide, visit the crocodile farm and try the meat of these animals.

Cost: 8-20$